Over 9450 composters have been delivered to citizens of eight municipalities of ACR+ member LIPOR, allowing a deviation from energy recovery of more than 3460 tons/year of food and garden waste. More than 1100 t/year of 100% natural compost is used in Greater Porto region, improving the quality of soils, plant health and citizen well-being.

“Terra-à-Terra” (Earth to Earth) is a LIPOR project whose main goal is to encourage citizens that reside in the intervention area to value their organic waste (both food and garden waste) in their homes, which will in turn reduce costs regarding collection, transport and treatment and the respective greenhouse gas emissions.

It also encourages the use of organic compost as an alternative to synthetic chemicals. The compost acts as organic fertiliser, and improves the soil structure and the resistance of plants, having a positive effect on the quality of vegetables. Citizens who live in a house with garden in one of LIPOR municipalities are entitled to one of the free composters, and simply have to sign up for the project, attend the free workshop for Homemade Composting and comply with the regulations of the project.

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