On 16 February, a workshop titled 'How green can we build, now and in the future', organised by the Green Metropolitan Region Arnhem-Nijmegen, delved into the ambitious realm of circular, energy-efficient, and bio-based construction projects that also strive for affordability and social value. The event tackled the complexity of financing green building initiatives, emphasising the need for a grip on land costs and innovative land policy solutions to make sustainable construction viable.

The workshop highlighted a shift towards a mindset that views humans as "guests on earth," advocating for an economy redesign centred around this principle. The experts call for a behaviour change towards more intelligent construction practices was illustrated with examples of materials passports and the potential for reusing materials to add value and reduce waste. The dialogue ventured into possibilities of utilising land value for sustainability upgrades, showcasing the transformative potential of circular construction over traditional green building methods. The session concluded on a note of optimism, with panellists exploring funding opportunities and collaborative approaches to realize these green building goals.

Source: www.groenemetropoolregio.nl (in Dutch)

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