According to the ORDIF report on household and similar waste in Ile-de-France in 2022, 5.6 million tonnes of waste were collected, and the region produced 452 kg of waste per capita. This represents a significant decrease compared to the peak in 2021, which was 476 kg per capita. Therefore 270 000 tonnes of waste were reduced (-24 kg/capita). Selective collection stabilises after a consistent increase over four years (60 kg per capita) and remains well below the national average (82 kg/capita/year), with two-thirds of recyclable waste unsorted in the residual flow primarily destined for incineration. Classification rejections (excluding glass) also decrease but remain at a high level (25.3%). However, flows to recycling centers are increasing and slightly above one million tonnes, with an increase in flows of furniture and plaster.

Source: (in French)

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