According to a recent comparative study by the Canadian Urban Agriculture Laboratory, Brussels-Capital ranks second among pioneering metropolises in urban agriculture, closely following Montreal and surpassing cities like Chicago, New York, London and Paris. In the past decade, urban agriculture has significantly expanded in Brussels, boasting 38 urban farms, 50 ongoing production projects and over 150 initiatives focused on locally sourcing food for residents.  

Alongside collective and citizen actions, the development of urban agriculture in Brussels-Capital and its outskirts remains central to the Good Food 2 strategy (2022-2030). It is important to note that urban agriculture is not just about production but also involves transforming, distributing, marketing, and recycling locally produced goods. For this purpose, sectors of "Good Food" have emerged, promoting sales in short supply chains and local businesses. 

Source: (in French) and (in Flemish) 




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