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ACR+ member Greater Pamplona has installed 100 new containers for the collection of clothing, footwear and textile material. The new containers add up to the 210 existing ones which are located in both urban and rural areas of the Region. The use of these containers was introduced as a complementary measure to the existing collection methods, including civic amenity sites and door-to-door collection. 
During 2022, 1 800 tonnes of used clothing, footwear and textile material were collected, of which 1 368 tonnes (76% of the total) corresponded to the collection in the 210 containers installed in Pamplona. The collection was completed with 237 tonnes from collection at civic amenity sites (13.2 %) and 195 tonnes from household collection (10.8 %). From 2017 to 2022, 4 975 tonnes of material were collected via clothing containers. 
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