ACR+ member OVAM is launching a new campaign to raise awareness among company managers about waste policy on their workplaces. If employees are not given the chance to sort waste correctly, industrial waste that should be collected selectively ends up in the residual waste. This is incinerated and a lot of recyclable materials are lost. That is why OVAM is launching the 'Never Alone!' campaign with a clear message: put a residual waste bin never alone, but always together with other sorting bins for commercial waste.
By 2030, Flanders aims to reduce the amount of industrial residual waste by 30%. At the end of 2021, it was appointed two additional enforcers to control the sorting of commercial residual waste. Exactly 1 000 inspections were carried out by these extra enforcers. In 65% of the checks, errors were found. In 68% of the cases with a sorting error, a reminder or an official report followed.
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