According to ACR+ member ORDIF's 2020/21 report on furniture waste in Ile-de-France, the furniture waste sector allowed 87 000 tonnes to be collected separately in Ile-de-France. Two thirds correspond to dedicated household furniture bins in public recycling centres. The 2018-2023 approval foresees a separate collection target of 31% by 2020, or approximately 13 kg per inhabitant. While the national average collection reached this level, only 6.3 kg per inhabitant of furniture was separately collected in Ile-de-France that year. The furniture identified by the sector in non-dedicated public service streams is close to 140 000 tonnes. The collection rate in Ile-de-France for all collection methods, separated or mixed, is 17 kg/inhabitant, close to 19 kg/inhabitant at the national level. Recycling and reuse/reutilisation account for just over a third (37%) of processing in Ile-de-France, compared to half of that in France. 
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