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 ACR+ member Barcelona municipality has outlined the main aspects of its upcoming waste collection and cleaning contract for the period 2019-2027. The contract foresees the gradual introduction of door-to-door collection (DtD) as well as the incorporation of containers that will identify users through a chip on the bags. Under the current contract, a pilot of DtD will start this month in the old district of Sarrià. The contract will also seek to improve recycling rate, highlighting the necessity of increasing the separation of organic waste and looking how to make citizens co-responsible, with the introduction of containers identifying users.

Regarding recycling, the current five fractions will be maintained: residual waste, organic waste, paper, plastic and glass. Changes in the payment system of the waste collection services are also foreseen, to accompany the idea of increasing selective collection. For example, organic waste could be paid at a rate per ton, which will increase when a certain weight is exceeded as an incentive. The adaptation to the specific needs of each territory and the specificities of each season of the year will also be taken into account.

Source: https://elpais.com (in Spanish)

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