It is accompanied by two of its members - the Eastern Midlands Waste Region and the Catalan Waste Agency - that ACR+ joined the international conference "Circular Venice: policy, practice and innovation in comparison”. The conference highlighted how Venice, along with the wider Veneto region, sought to innovate in this area, addressing the unique technical and operational challenges of its territory. Discussions delved into the Veneto Region's initiatives to broaden circularity's application, supported by academic research, and compared local policies, practices, and innovations with international solutions, aiming to share knowledge on effective strategies that could serve as models for the metropolitan and Veneto contexts. 

 ACR+’s presentation emphasised the importance of local and regional authorities in driving policy and innovation towards a more sustainable future. Additionally, it highlighted our efforts to equip our members with the necessary tools and guidance, advocate for the significant role of local authorities in sustainability, benchmark best practices, and foster networking and information exchange were all spotlighted during the conference. 

Click here to access all the presentations from speakers. 

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