The Biocircularcities project continues to generate interest within the scientific community, with two new publications in the "Sustainability" journal, showcasing innovative approaches to biowaste management and the valorisation of coffee silverskin waste. These publications underscore the potential of circular economy practices in transforming waste management and contributing to more sustainable production and consumption patterns.

The first paper, focused on the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, advocates for optimising biowaste management towards a circular bioeconomy. It highlights the need for enhanced collection systems and financial incentives for biomethane production to improve sustainability and competitiveness with fossil fuels. The second article assesses the management of coffee silverskin waste in Naples, Italy, from a life cycle perspective, comparing traditional composting with its use as a functional ingredient in bakery products. The study reveals the environmental and economic benefits of the alternative scenario, suggesting a 96% reduction in environmental impact and significant cost savings for coffee roasters.

You can find more information on both papers here.

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