The Climate Chance Europe Summit 2024, focusing on "Adaptation to climate change, solutions based on nature and resilience" convened in Liege, Wallonia, on 8-9 February, gathering nearly 1 000 participants from over 20 nationalities. The event was hosted by the Walloon Ministers of Climate and the Environment along with the Climate Chance association, which counts ACR+ as a member. It highlighted the urgency of collective action against climate change and emphasised reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adopting nature-based solutions for resilience. The Summit concluded with the Liege Declaration, a collaborative roadmap and call to action signed by over 70 organisations, including ACR+, advocating for investment in resilient infrastructure, sustainable agriculture, and the prioritization of adaptation in policy-making. This declaration aims to influence European environmental policies post-2024, aligning with the Belgian Presidency's focus on Just Transition, circular economy, and adaptation and resilience.


Read the full text of the declaration.

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