The ACCESS project is celebrating the halfway point of its webinar series, with three episodes down and two more to go. Visit the event page to learn more, register, and watch the recordings. 

The project has successfully covered diverse topics, including sustainability communication and reporting, environmental assessments, and green procurement in sports. 

During the first webinar, the participants had a chance to reflect on the advantages and trends in communicating sustainability, emphasizing the importance of identifying the appropriate audience. The second webinar, on environmental assessment, explored various approaches, tools, and techniques, providing a platform for comparison and practical understanding. Meanwhile, the third session delved into the principles of green procurement, examining its basics, tools, and added values for the environment, local economy, employment, and circular economy, bringing this concept closer to sports organisations. 

The upcoming webinars will explore event management as a complex set of processes and operations, as well as the vital consideration of nature and biodiversity as integral components of the sports ecosystem.
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