The Water and Environment Support (WES) project has released a comprehensive document titled "Roadmap to Address Single-Use Plastic Items in Jordan." The roadmap delves into key aspects, offering insights into production practices, policy measures, and financial options to curb single-use plastics (SUPs) in Jordan. 

It outlines a public-private strategy for a phased reduction of SUPs, emphasising short- and medium-term actions with specific targets, roles, and responsibilities. Aligned with circular economy principles, the roadmap draws inspiration from the Barcelona Convention's guidelines and supports Jordan's green growth transformation initiatives, emphasising sustainable consumption and production across various sectors. 

The document aligns with national strategies, including the National Strategy and Action Plan for Mainstreaming Sustainable Consumption and Production and the Green Growth National Action Plan 2021–2025, reinforcing Jordan's commitment to a circular economy and sound waste management practices. 
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