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In its next step towards sustainable agriculture, the FER-PLAY project has introduced its database, a comprehensive resource on alternative fertilizers. This innovative platform consolidates extensive information on fertilizers derived from various secondary raw materials like wastewater, sewage sludge, and bio-waste. With data on 60 value chains, FER-PLAY offers insights into the full life cycle of these fertilizers, from production to application. 

The database stands out for its user-friendly design, allowing easy navigation through filters like production data, distribution, storage, content, cost, and legislation. It's a crucial tool for bridging the knowledge gap in the market, facilitating informed decision-making in the use of alternative fertilizers. 

Focused on promoting circularity in agriculture, FER-PLAY evaluates each fertilizer chain based on factors like nutrient content, soil improvement, and environmental impact. The project prioritizes seven well-characterized chains for in-depth assessment, aiming to boost their adoption in EU agriculture. 

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