The HOOP project entered in its last year and the cities and regions that decide to join forces to improve urban strategies on bioeconomy are more and more. The members of the HOOP Network are receiving support from the HOOP partners to dive into the big universe of bioeconomy learning from experts about biowaste valorisation technologies, stakeholders’ engagement, innovation public procurement, circular business models, collection strategies, etc. Furthermore, the HOOP Network is also a place for mutual exchange among cities facing similar challenges. Members are often searching for answers to similar questions and the HOOP Hub is becoming the place to discuss, find the right contact, or the right tools, and also share their own experience. The last phase of the project will be full of events and exchange opportunities that will be totally financially covered by the project for the members of the Network. The next one will be in Spain on 9 November, when the city of Murcia will welcome Spanish cities and regions to discuss on Public Procurement of innovation and Pre-Commercial Procurement, but also about the progress and lessons learned in the implementation of urban circular bioeconomy at regional and national level. More information about the event is available here. To join the HOOP Network and get access to the long list of services, register here.

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