One of the aims of PREPSOIL is to support the European Soil Mission by widening the understanding of Living Labs as a vehicle for engaging stakeholders in soil improvements in different land use types. Therefore, the PREPSOIL map aims to provide an overview of Soil Health initiatives across Europe that are active or starting their activities as Living Labs and Lighthouse, in order to facilitate knowledge exchange, networking and consortia creation.

How did we create such a map? Based on the activities of the SMS project, which identified 180 initiatives with potential relevance as Living Lab and Lighthouse, PREPSOIL partners have been working hard to develop a map of soil health Living Labs and Lighthouses.  The map can be accessed through the website and will be finalised by the end of November. Users can filter Living Labs and Lighthouses based on land use categories such as agriculture, urban, forest, and other (including infrastructure and more). Additionally, the project encourages individuals and organisations to suggest Living Labs and Lighthouses for inclusion on the map by filling out a form available on the website.

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