To ensure the safety of patients and workers in hospitals and care centers, large quantities of health safety and single-use personal protection items are discarded after one single use, in spite of the high value and potential for recovery of these materials. Mindful of this, the Catalan Health Institute (ICS) has been looking for ways to reuse or recycle these large amounts of sanitary waste through public procurement. In its journey, the ICS is benefitting from the support of the BRINC project. A first workshop presented the ICS’ needs and challenges with the view of gathering insights from other participants to improve the tendering process. Following this, a market dialogue gathered the ICS, public authorities and suppliers to discuss recycling of single-use sanitary safety material and discover (potential) solutions under development or already existing on the market.

If you are interested in the topic, presentations from both events as well as recordings are available online.

The BRINC project is also offering support in a procurement linked to Circular Electrical Vehicle Chargers.

In addition, the project is offering training both to public authorities and SMEs. The next sessions are the following:

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