Do you have a visionary concept for sustainable packaging? Then Join EMWWR and seize the opportunity to win a EUR 2 900 voucher to bring your idea to life. 

The Euro-Med Week for Waste Reduction (EMWWR) is an awareness raising- campaign on waste prevention in the Mediterranean region, led by ACR+ and MedWaves, that is highly inspired by the consolidated experience and results of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR).  

The 2023 edition will focus on packaging, awarding inspiring actions that fit the following categories: 
  • Prevent & Reduce: Actions that involve the target in the implementation of actions that highlight the urgency of reducing and preventing the amount of packaging we use, on offering advice on how to avoid or reduce packaging waste and/or on the environmental impact of single-use packaging in the Southern Med area. 
  • Reuse/Repair: Actions that involve the target audience in promoting the reuse of packaging when buying new items; actions that promote delaying the purchase of new packaging by opting for reuse. 
  • Recycle/Donate: Actions that involve the target audience in promoting the recycling packaging that can no longer be used and on bringing packaging waste to the appropriate recycling facility. 
To learn more about who can apply and see examples of eligible actions for each category please check the campaign website. 
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