On 9 November, the HOOP Lighthouse Murcia will share the progress and lessons learned in the implementation of the urban circular bioeconomy. Furthermore, participants will be involved in a workshop on Public Procurement of Innovation and Pre-Commercial Procurement, especially open for the procurement staff of local councils and organisations (it is also possible to join online connection for this session). The event will be held in Spanish, with a focus on the national context. Also, as part of the Green and Circular Entrepreneurship Meeting, co-organised by AEMA-RM, there will be a good opportunity to interact with companies developing circular solutions. Discover more about the event and register here. 
All cities and regions interested in taking part in this exchange opportunity are invited to join the HOOP Network and to get all the travel costs covered by the project. Joining the HOOP Network is totally free of charge, and it will open the access to several free services to push local bioeconomy initiatives and projects. 
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