The ACCESS project, which started in July 2022, is now concluding its first phase where ACR+ and its member, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, took field trips to the different partner sport organisations to screen their practices and conduct joint interviews with local key stakeholders to identify hotspots – namely FC Porto, the Welsh and Danish Football Associations and the Irish Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). All the partners are now working together to develop a compendium of best practices that will be published in early September. ACR+ also took advantage of its General Assembly in Dublin gather all Irish Waste Regions for a meeting with the GAA, as a part of preparing the outreach phase of the project starting early next year. The second phase of the project will see the different sport organisations establishing Circular Cities Committees in order to start developing and implementing solutions at local and regional levels. If you want to take part in the project, we have two good news for you. One, the survey for public authorities and sport supporters is still open here, and the other, ACCESS will hold an event in Porto on 20 September, reflecting the findings of the project so far and taking participants on a study visit. 

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