Quite a lot has happened for the LIFE BioBest project these past few months! Regarding the communication side of the project, the BioBest website was launched on 21 June! Take a look here. It is a space to promote the project’s achievements and upcoming events. For direct updates in your mailbox, you can register to the newsletter here and to the press release (PR) list here.

Regarding the content side of the project, the BioBest partners have been very busy organising one mirror group with national and regional authorities and one with EU Umbrella Organisations to identify barriers to the collection of good data regarding bio-waste management. The outcome of these mirror group will be used to develop guidelines on improved and homogenised datasets. In addition, end of June, ACR+ organised a workshop with local authorities to identify challenges and barriers to bio-waste management. ACR+ looked at barriers and challenges preventing the separate collection and the treatment of bio-waste as well as to the use of outputs (quality compost and digestate). Many more workshops and events will be organised such as a workshop on best practices for bio-waste management and a conference on how to deal with bio-waste management in high density area. Stay tuned!

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