Hubs4Circularity is creating communities of practice across the EU to connect businesses, local and regional authorities, innovators and researchers working on industrial symbiosis and Industrial Urban Symbiosis. Following the idea of ‘if you want to go far, go together’ H4C is inviting all interested parties to join their community to discover resources, opportunities and events through one single entry point.  

In its first year of implementation, H4C Community has created the first version of an impressive Knowledge Platform which will help practitioners to identify projects, peers, available knowledge on diverse topics related to Industrial Symbiosis. The platform will also enable its members to connect to each other. ACR+ is participating in the initiative by leading a Panel of Cities and Regions that will provide feedback on the tools, methodologies and deliverables developed by the project. The Panel is open to new members and if you are interested in developing industrial symbiosis in your territory, maybe you will find this project useful, or maybe even participate in the Panel!  

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