On 26 and 27 January 2023, project partners gathered in Vic (Spain) to officially kick-off the FOLOU project which will run until 2026.  
With a total budget of EUR 6.5 million, the project aims to bringing knowledge and consensus to prevent and reduce food losses at primary production stage across 5 key food commodities: fruits and vegetables, grains and pulsus, root tubers and oil crops, meat and derived products, and fish. It will do so by developing a common framework for measuring and monitoring food losses, field testing of Earth Observation and IT technologies, setting up a Learning Centre, and establishing the base for the development of Food Loss National Registries at the European scale. Within the project, ACR+ will play a key role in the identification of direct and indirect drivers of food losses, the analysis of national policies on food losses prevention, and in the identification of European regions to be engaged in twinning programs where regional actors will benefit from the learnings of the FOLOU project.  
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