Last month, a delegation of ACR+ members composed of representatives from LIPOR, the Catalan Waste Agency, the Eastern Regional Council, and Kotor attended Ecomondo 2022, thanks to a partnership between ACR+ and the organisers. Everyone was impressed by the extensive number of exhibitors, companies on a wide, varied and innovative range of topics (from waste reduction to machinery).
Being part of the ACR+ delegation was a great opportunity not only to share best practices and experiences on key issues like textile waste but also to arrange technical meetings with the numerous businesses present, proving that there is an environmental-friendly solution to most tasks. It allowed for example the Catalan Waste Agency to establish new contacts with suppliers of waste treatment equipment.
During the fair, delegates were free to join conferences on topics of their interest to learn about waste management and treatment initiatives, current legislation, as well as conferences on various treatment and experiences. They also followed the two events organised by ACR+: the LIFE REthinkWaste final conference on improving urban waste governance through PAYT & KAYT and an event on textile waste prevention and circular textiles. A replay of this latter one is available in the Ecomondo on demand service and presentations can be downloaded on the ACR+ website.
Last not least, but as highlighted by representative of the Eastern Regional Council, the perk of being present in Ecomondo was to meet the ACR+ team and fellow members in-person.

ACR+ will explore a similar partnership with Ecomondo for 2023, so if you are interested, stay tuned!

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