They have been announced for a couple of months, and here they finally are, the first Biocircularcities reports!

One of the objectives of the Biocircularcities project is to provide policy recommendations for implementing a circular bioeconomy in the three pilot territories. For that, it is important to be aware of the current policy framework regarding circular bioeconomy and biowaste management. Thus, the project partners conducted an extensive analysis of policy documents, associated to a review of good practices.

This work is presented in the report “Policy framework and Good Practices on circular bioeconomy and biowaste management”.

You can download the report here or access one of its two summaries:

The Biocircularcities partners will also explore the sustainability of bioeconomy supply chains in a Life Cycle Thinking perspective. The report “State of the art of biowaste production and management in the pilot areas” provides an overview of the current biowaste management systems, including both municipal separately collected biowaste and mixed waste, in the three pilot territories involved in the project, namely metropolitan area of Barcelona, province of Pazardzhik and metropolitan City of Napoli. The aim is three-fold:

  • map the main biowaste producers and biowaste management systems;
  • select three biowaste management chains (one in each pilot area) to be further analysed, and;
  • identify the relevant stakeholders involved in the biowaste management chains and their interests and perspectives.

The full report is confidential, but a public summary is available here.


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