Since October 2018, the technical partners of the LIFE TACKLE project, Santa Anna School from Pisa, ACR+ and its members AMIU Genova and Lipor, are undertaking stadium visits across Europe to assess a baseline scenario and to define measures to apply to the 10 pilot stadiums of the project.
In June 2019, ACR+ visited AVIVA stadium in Dublin, which hosts not only the games of the Football Association of Ireland but also those of the Irish Rugby Football Union. Later that month, the staff visited the Roi Baudouin/Koning Boudewijn stadium, the primary stadium for football games in the city of Brussels, which also hosts concerts and athletic competitions, organised by URBSFA/KVBV. These stadiums open the door to many potential improvements in various areas of the football game, such as replacing single-use plastic cups, with reusable ones with an accompanying deposit scheme, improving the mobility, or introducing the separate waste collection.

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