Following the ACR+ General Assembly, ACR+ member Eastern-Midlands Regional Waste Office (EMWRO) hosted a seminar, Food Stories from the City, about the project TRiFOCAL. Originally implemented in London, this project got replicant cities, including Dublin and ACR+ member Sofia, which set food waste reduction high on the agenda. With awareness raising activities, the aim of the project is not only to reduce food waste, but also support food waste recycling and healthy eating.
The seminar chronicled food waste prevention initiatives carried out in Dublin in the framework of TRiFOCAL but also the work carried out in London, Milan and Sofia. It featured a range of stakeholder perspectives, from ACR+, the recycling industry, the catering sector, as well as the Irish Environmental Waste and Recycling Board. The seminar included discussions on disrupting systems in order to reduce the amount of food wasted, links between food waste and climate change and how encouraging habits such as food recycling, sustainable eating and waste prevention can transform a city’s food narrative. This was the occasion for a very special Irish writer to come back to life in an actor and speak about food: James Joyce.

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