On behalf of the Walloon Region, ACR+ is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive report on ways to better communicate on sustainable products in the distribution sector (in French only), a study based on a detailed inventory of good practices in selected countries in Europe.

The study was commissioned by the Walloon Region (Belgium) as part of the preparatory process of the new Walloon region Waste Management Plan (Horizont 2020). The main objective was to provide background information for the development of regional initiatives to promote sustainable products in the Walloon Region.

The information gathered in the report aims to promote strategies for increased awareness on sustainable consumption in the retail sector, and to initiate a dialogue between the Walloon Region administration and stakeholders such as the retail sector and organizations promoting sustainable consumption.          

The report highlights the communication good practices of five distributors (Casino, Migros, COOP, Marks & Spencer and Tesco) and five countries (France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and Flanders (Belgium)). It also identifies common strategies and actions around communication on sustainable products put in place between public authorities and retailers.

Apart from the inventory results the report selected a list of 32 concrete actions classified according to the 4 ā€˜Eā€™ principle (Enable, Engage, Encourage and Exemplify) that could be undertaken solely by retailers, by countries or by both combined in order to improve consumer communication regarding sustainable products and consumption.

A summary report (French and English) is also available highlighting the essentials of the main report.

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