ACR+ member, AMIU Genova has issued its first Sustainability Report, in which the waste management company of the City of Genoa reports on its economic, environmental, social and governance performance. The document shows in details how AMIU has completely rethought its strategy and organizational structure in order to abandon a linear kind of economy, based on the disposal of waste in its landfill site of Mount Scarpino, which was used for over 40 years.

The new industrial model adopted by AMIU is based on value and material recovery boosting waste recycling rates. AMIU is positioning itself in the European strategic horizon of the circular economy, in which waste is no longer waste and the cities are the mines of the future where recovering new resources – plastic, paper, metals, glass and others – which can be looped back into the production process.

For almost three years we have been working to redesign and reorganize the company and to set it into a future perspective. The new industrial plan of AMIU looks ahead and is oriented to the circular economy principles” says Marco Castagna, President of AMIU Genova.

AMIU is bringing forward a deep internal transformation and it’s revising its service provision. The sustainability report describes this change and the objectives that the company intends to pursue. This report is also a critical tool of dialogue with all stakeholders and it is essential to improve AMIU performance, in terms of services but also of social and environmental impact” says Italo Porcile, city councillor responsible for the environment.

More information: (In Italian)

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