Brussels Environment is dedicated to improving life in Brussels by promoting a more eco-friendly, ethical, and socially just society. Discover their 2023 initiatives to make Brussels more sustainable and enjoyable for all. Each year, they undertake numerous actions in four areas: quality of life, zero carbon emissions, circular economy, and urban nature. A major goal is to reduce direct and indirect emissions to achieve decarbonisation by 2050, with several projects in 2023 supporting this aim. They signed the Urban Logistics Green Pact with logistics sector entrepreneurs, paving the way for carbon-neutral urban supply. As part of the Recycling Operation, they partnered with schools to reduce waste. The Citizens' Climate Assembly addressed key topics like housing and food. 

Some 2023 highlights include: EUR 2.13 million in funding for 26 innovative circular business projects, 360 measures to meet climate goals, 124 citizen recommendations for a carbon-neutral future, and 50 Ecodyn labels awarded to Brussels businesses. 

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