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In July 2018, ACR+ member Fundació ENT has published a new study entitled "The State of Waste Charges in Spain 2018", analysing the situation of waste charges in the country, based on a survey of 125 municipalities, including all provincial capitals, both for household and commercial waste. The study is a follow-up to an analysis carried out for the year 2015.
The study concludes that the average amount of waste charge in 2018 was 88.5 euros per year per household. It shows a growing trend in relation to the number of inhabitants of the municipality. Comparing to 2015, the average amount has increased by 3.87% (85.2 euros in 2015).
In general, the proportion of municipalities that do not have any type of charge has declined between 2015 and 2018. Similarly, there are also fewer municipalities with charges that do not differentiate between household and commercial quotas. In addition, fewer municipalities have a fixed charge. On the other hand, more municipalities are opting for joint management, which can optimise the resources allocated to waste management.
Source: http://ent.cat (in Spanish)

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