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ACR+ member Nantes Métropole published its annual report on waste management. The report focuses on the city’s goals regarding waste management, awareness raising campaigns, organisation or waste management as well as collected waste treatment.
For the period 2017-2020, waste management services are grounded on three key principles: proximity, durability and quality. Proximity is linked to involving citizens and making them active users of waste management services. Durability refers to including waste management policy in a broader ecological and energy transition. Lastly, quality is related to offering an efficient service that meets the challenges of the region.  More specifically, Nantes Métropole aims to become a zero-waste territory, with a concrete objective to reduce waste by 20% until 2020.
Regarding awareness raising activities, Nantes Métropole uses a wide range of channels to disseminate information about waste reduction and recycling, ranging from social media, printed publications as well as direct citizen engagement. Concrete awareness raising projects implemented in 2017 include the participation in the European Week for Waste Reduction, the implementation of a project “Zero-Waste Family” as well as the organisation of awareness raising seminars for pupils
Lastly, the report also includes a detailed explanation of the organisation of waste management services as well as waste treatment. The full report can be accessed here: (in French)

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