Do you want to know which activities have been implemented by ACR+ in 2016? Are you curious about the progresses of ACR+ projects? Or maybe you would like to have an idea of what to expect in 2017?

All answers to your questions are in the two documents published by ACR+ today: the Activity Report 2016 and the Work Programme 2017.

By reading the Activity Report 2016, you will see that 2016 was an intense year for ACR+. It embarked on an important number of new projects (URBANREC, RE4, DECISIVE, to name a few), strengthened the Circular Europe Network and its visibility, kept going on with its activities in the South-East Mediterranean Region and continued hosting and animating the EPR Club. The research and technical side was not forgotten during that year, with the publication for its members of a technical report on Pay-As-You-Throw, looking at the application of PAYT in the European Union (EU) through 7 case studies.

Regarding ACR+ Work Programme for 2017, the main concern will be to enhance the transmission of expertise to and between ACR+ members. For this, the ACR+ Secretariat will specifically work to capitalize on projects, share existing experiences – collected through projects and via members – and develop trainings and webinars.

If have any question or would like to receive more details on some specific event or project please contact the ACR+ Secretariat.
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