The Interreg Euro-MED Innovative Sustainable Economy (ISE) Mission hosted the "Shaping Sustainable Innovation in the Mediterranean" event in Marseille on 18-19 June, alongside the ACR+ General Assembly. This event marked the launch of the ISE Community of Practice (CoP) and the first MED Innovation Day. 
On 18 June, participants initiated the CoP, facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration among 14 Thematic Projects. These projects aim to promote a circular economy by focusing on marine resources, agri-food systems, industrial transition, and resource valorisation. The CoP will meet biannually to advance sustainable initiatives in the Mediterranean region. 
On 19 June, the MED Innovation Day participants engaged in group discussions and a World Caf√© session to envision a sustainable future, followed by a Call-to-Action exercise outlining concrete steps towards achieving this vision. The event concluded with a panel discussion, addressing ways to scale up innovative solutions and tackle pollution in the Mediterranean, particularly plastic waste. Experts shared best practices for zero waste and plastic pollution prevention, highlighting the environmental, social, economic, and political impacts. 

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