The HOOP Lunch Talks are back! In "Bio-waste: a global problem requiring an integrated approach!", the first episode of the second season, ACR+ member and HOOP Lighthouse, LIPOR will present the three pillars of its circular bioeconomy approach: 1) Food waste reduction; 2) Treatment of bio-waste at the source through household and community composting; 3) Selective collection and recovery of bio-waste.

Open only to the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions, the HOOP Lunch Talks are monthly 30-minute webinars designed to share experiences and gather feedback from public authorities and waste management companies that are striving to build a circular bioeconomy strategy.

Do not miss this opportunity, join the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions to follow the HOOP Lunch Talks and get access to all the services reserved to member. Register here.



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