Exploiting the lessons learnt and the exchange of experience at work since the beginning of the project, SMART WASTE prepared Action Plans. These roadmaps include actions that will be carried out to improve local policy instruments and bring more innovation within waste management procedures.
Kolding developed the Project Kit, a new tool to secure consistent and improved planning, execution and evaluation of projects, portfolios and strategies. The Tuscany Action Plan includes one action focusing on the improvement of the Regional Operational Programme. In its Action Plan Bulgaria, ACR+ member BAMEE is supporting 3 Bulgarian municipalities to develop and monitor demonstration projects for development of new, non-traditional successful waste management interventions. The Apeldoorn Action Plan addresses two failures of the RecycleService 2025: placement of waste outside of the containers and the need to optimize collection processes. The Action Plan Lithuania will help the Klaipeda region meet the new EU recycling targets through the support to the creation of a new waste sorting infrastructure in the region


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