For already several years, ACR+ is a partner of the Climate Chance organisation, which is key to strengthen climate action led by local governments, businesses, civil society and help the achievement of the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

In order to strengthen the action of non-state actors and give credibility to climate stabilisation scenarios, the Climate Chance Association launched in 2018 a Global Observatory of Non-State Climate Action, which aims to explain the evolution of greenhouse gas emissions, by crossing national public policies with sectoral dynamics, strategies of private actors, local public policies, and all the actions undertaken by non-state actors at the local level.

The flagship publication of the Observatory is a Sector-based report, proposing a unique synthesis of the ongoing global trends in actions to explain the evolution of GHG emissions in the energy, transport, building, industry, waste, and land-use sectors.

ACR+ contributed to the 2021 edition of this report by preparing a case study on the development of a bioeconomy strategy in Flanders.

Read the "Global Synthesis Report on Climate Action by Sector 2021".

The Climate Chance Observatory also publishes everey year a Global Synthesis Report on Local Climate Action to track progress of climate action reported by local and regional governments (LRGs) throughout the world. This help to better understand how to set the wheels in motion for an effective and robust 1.5°C path.

The 2022 edition is now out! The Global Synthesis Report 2022 on Local Climate Action analyses the latest developments that enable local and regional governments to better manage their climate actions, from satellite measurements of emissions to the role of European regions in the Just Transition.

A webinar presenting the Local Action Report 2022: key learnings, progress and results achieved in terms of climate action implemented at local level and through international cooperation took place following the release. Its recording is available here.


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