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After a first year of activities of the ProCirc project, several tools for circular procurement have been gathered in a toolbox aimed at supporting public authorities during the various steps of the procurement process (planning and definition of criteria, tendering, evaluation & selection, contract awarding and management). The toolbox will be finalised during the first half of 2020.

The project partners have also identified opportunities for circular procurement pilots on furniture, ICT, and construction. These pilots aim to reduce by 20-25% CO2 emissions, the need for virgin material and waste generation, and to serve as inspiration for others.

In addition, several Communities of Practice gathering experts on circular economy have been set up in the various partner territories with the view to emulate exchanges and the development of circular solutions to be procured and innovative business models by the market.

Interested stakeholders will have opportunities to find out more about the project progress and learn from ProCirc experts during the next ACR+ General Assembly and ProCirc international workshop on circular procurement, co-organised by ACR+ and its member Zero Waste Scotland.

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