ProCirc RGB 02 A colour

ProCirc – Circular Procurement: Accelerate circular economy through procurement power, alliance- and capacity building – is a 3.5 year Interreg North Sea Region project that started in 2018, co-funded by the Regional Development Fund of the European Union. It is led by a consortium of 11 partners, including ACR+, representing both public authorities and research institutes.

Project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, 2018 - 2022.


On the final phase of the ProCirc project, the first pilot case studies have been published gathering key aspects from each pilot. You can find: the Construction and temporary occupation of a circular hub and makerspace, the Circular tender criteria for professional clothing or the sustainable vending machine with healthy products. Project partners also started to work on the Joint Statement of Demand activity; office furniture is the first product category that will be addressed.

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