In addition to a day-long lineup of interesting speeches, results, figures and panel discussions, the URBAN-WASTE Final Conference will also feature the third and last signing ceremony of the Charter of Commitments for Sustainable Material Resources Management and Circular Economy.
Launched in January 2018 at the initiative of URBAN-WASTE project partners, the charter will receive the last batch of signatures before it is unveiled to a broader public at the end of the project.

The signing will take place on the occasion of the URBAN-WASTE final conference titled “Waste Management in Tourism. Does It Even Matter?”, which will be held in Brussels on 7 May 2019.
Eighteen different cities, regions and waste management authorities have signed it so far, as well as the European Parliament Intergroup Seas, Rivers, Islands, and Coastal Areas.

This level of endorsement has turned the charter into a European-wide, cross-institutional campaign and initiative highlighting the need to make tourism more sustainable and adapting local waste management strategies to local and regional tourism patterns.
In March 2018, the charter attracted attention of BLUEISLANDS, an Interreg Mediterranean project gathering numerous islands in the Mediterranean basin around different relevant issues, such as marine litter.
Interested? Read more about the charter here and register to the URBAN-WASTE final conference here.
Source: www.urban-waste.eu


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