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Two new factsheets were published in the Circular Europe Network’s database, overviewing good practices in the management of food value chains in Edinburgh, UK and Gothenburg, Sweden. The two case studies shed light on actions that municipalities can carry out to develop or improve their food policies.
The City of Edinburgh developed the “Edible Edinburgh” initiative to support their sustainability strategy. Within this project, a food action plan for the period 2014-2020 was developed. The flourishing of community food hubs, which bring together different local stakeholders and promotes a sustainability culture, as an alternative to food banks, are among the results already achieved.
Gothenburg also developed a local action plan for food was developed. The municipality rolled out numerous activities concerning five focus areas: food production; food consumption; food deliveries and logistics; resource efficiency nutrient circulation; and water for food. Specific attention was paid to capitalising on Gothenburg’s large availability of unused land, which was turned into a resource for local and organic food production.
Remember that the CEN database is focusing on what cities and regions can do to support circular economy, so it is a perfect opportunity to give visibility to your actions and strategies. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us about that!


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