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The Circular Europe Network (CEN) is a specific initiative on circular economy launched by ACR+ in order to support local and regional authorities in being ambitious on circular economy and will therefore support and help them to adopt aspiring circular economy strategies.



To continue the work started through the CEN and as part of its work within the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy (UAPCE), ACR+ contributed to the discussions and exchanges of expertise on two UAPCE actions related to planning and monitoring of circular economy and material resources in urban areas. One of these actions is led by ACR+ member The Hague, and aims at developing a roadmap for resource management at city level by the end of 2019. The purpose of this roadmap is to provide cities with a clear outline on how to improve their resource efficiency based on the mapping of resources (stocks and flows); setting-up brokerage facilities to bridge the gap between supply and demand; and monitoring of results.
The second action, led by Oslo, resulted in particular in a report on indicators for circular economy transition in cities. After mapping and consultation exercises,  30 indicators were identified, categorised into process indicators (about actions from cities), outcome indicators (about the results of actions from cities) and context indicators (about other elements and actions implemented by other stakeholders). A follow-up workshop will be held in Brussels in September.


Interested in joining the Circular Europe Network?  It is simple, become an ACR+ member and benefit from the CEN work and results!


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