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On 29 January 2019, an interview with Veronica Martinez Sanchez from ACR+ member Fundacio ENT was published on the DECISIVE website. This interview took place during “The Role of Decentralised Bio waste Management in a Circular Economy” conference held in Barcelona on 26 April 2018. The topic was on what to expect from the upcoming Decision Support Tool (DST) currently being developed by Fundacio ENT.
The main aim of the DST is assessing the performance of bio waste management options (including centralised and decentralised systems) in a specific area. The results obtained with the tool will facilitate comparisons between the different solutions among which the decentralised systems of bio waste valorisation proposed by DECISIVE. To evaluate the performance of each bio waste management option, the tool uses various assessment criteria including environmental, economic, and social aspects.
The interview is available on the DECISIVE website.
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