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As the DECISIVE project is getting closer to the launch of the demonstration sites, the preliminary characterisation of the two sites (one in Catalonia and the other in Lyon) gives the first glimpse of what these sites would look like.

The characterisation refers to the two DECISIVE technologies: micro-Anaerobic Digestion, biogas local valorisation with Stirling Engine and Solid-State Fermentation. A methodology of characterisation has been developed and applied in the two cases before and after the implementation of the pilots. This methodology will be refined at a later stage where the methodology for planning a decentralized bio waste management supporting the Decision Support Tool will be further developed.

The Catalan case includes a description of the selection and confirmation process of the specific demonstration site, which was not decided a priori, as for the Lyon case. The UAB Campus has been selected as the Catalan demonstration site after having analysing pros and cons for each proposed location. The Catalan pilot is designed with an annual capacity of 200 tonnes obtained gathering mainly bio-waste from restaurants of the UAB Campus. For the Lyon case, if this site was already decided at the beginning of the project, the Lyon study zone is defined only as a circular area cantered in Refarmers site. The identification of the specific restaurants that will feed the pilot has not started yet as a campaign looking for partnering restaurants will be done at a later stage.

The results of the characterisations presented in the report are preliminary and will be completed a later phase of the project.



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