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On 20 June 2018, the FISSAC project issued a newsletter overviewing the project’s developments over the last 6 months that contribute to the main aim of the project – developing a new industrial symbiosis model and demonstrating its applicability as well as effectiveness of the related processes, services, and products at different levels.
With regards to construction products, industrial manufacturers have been working on the final evaluation of new products formulations at laboratory scale. In addition to that, the partners have been working on the software platform, the first version of which will be ready in August 2018. It will integrate the existing components and FISSAC Methodology functions. Furthermore, multiple Living Labs are ongoing in different countries with the objective to replicate the FISSAC model by promoting stakeholder acceptance. Lastly, FISSAC published a new report on “Use of Adapted Technological Innovation Systems (TIS) Analysis in the FISSAC project”, which includes an accessible introduction to the field of TIS and a case study explaining how the TIS methodology can be used in conjunction with a material journey, following a material from production to destruction and reuse.
The full newsletter is available here.

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