How can public authorities stimulate the transition to a circular and sustainable building sector? The Policy Learning Platform of Interreg Europe gives some tips in a policy brief dedicated to the topic, counting as a contributor the Interreg Europe project INERTWASTE. Among other examples, it sheds light on Navarra's policy context and challenges in fostering the recirculation of inert and inorganic waste. Through an interview with ACR+ member, the Government of Navarra, the brief outlines national and regional policies geared towards promoting a circular construction and demolition sector. The interview shares insights into activities developed by the region and highlights two good practices focusing on prevention, reuse, and recycling of industrial and construction waste. These include the declaration of stone wool scraps as a "by-product" and the establishment of the regional Waste Fund of Navarra. This contribution offers valuable perspectives for advancing circularity in construction practices. 

Read the policy brief to get all the details.


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