ACR+ partnered with other European organisations to launch a manifesto urging EU decision-makers to prioritise sufficiency in the continent's strategic agenda. With over 70 endorsements from various sectors, the manifesto calls for sufficiency to be integrated into EU policies to enhance resilience, reduce costs, and achieve climate and energy goals. Embracing sufficiency at the EU level can catalyse structural changes and policy mobilization across Europe, addressing multiple crises and ensuring a sustainable future. 

The manifesto outlines sector-specific recommendations across transport, energy, buildings, and more, emphasising the importance of curbing resource demand while promoting human well-being and adhering to planetary boundaries. By championing sufficiency, the EU can lead the way towards sustainability, resilience, and strategic investments, setting a precedent for global action. 

Read the press release here and discover in the manifesto our recommendations to put sufficiency at the heart of the EU strategic agenda. 

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