BIOTRANSFORM 2nd working group: Tools and methodologies for the regional transition to circular bioeconomy

From 29 April 2024 14:00 until 29 April 2024 15:30
At Online

The BIOTRANSFORM project organised its 2nd working group "Tools and methodologies for the regional transition to circular bioeconomy" on 29 April. The objective of this meeting was to present to regional authorities the methodologies and tools developed by the BIOTRANSFORM project and to collect their feedback to ensure they meet their actual needs.

This interactive session provided a useful feedback moment for the BIOTRANSFORM project and allowed further improvement of current methodologies and tools under development:

  • Impact Assessment Tool (IAT): developed by Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), this tool compiles environmental, economic, and social indicators (e.g., global warming potential, job creation, impact on vulnerable groups) to assess the implications of chosen transition pathways on regions overall sustainability. It identifies optimal bio-economy scenarios by evaluating indicator values and aligning with regional sustainability goals, empowering policymakers with valuable insights to drive comprehensive circular bio-economy initiatives.
  • Methodology to co-define and co-implement optimal transition pathways: developed by Alchemia Nova, this methodology involves local and regional stakeholders to co-evaluate several regional pathways to transition to circular bioeconomy, and to select the final and optimal one that is uniquely adapted to the regional context. The aim is to ensure an inclusive and comprehensive approach to co-defining optimal transition pathways with regional actors, focusing on stakeholder engagement, data-driven analysis, and collaborative solution development​.
  • Financing solutions for the transition to circular bioeconomy: once the optimal regional transition pathway is selected, suitable funding and financial solutions are needed to implement the transition. ACR+ is currently reviewing existing financing tools and schemes for circular bioeconomy (including grants, funds and investments) which regions could rely upon to implement the said pathway in their territory.

BIOTRANSFORM - Circular BIOeconomy TRANSFORMation for regions by enabling resource and governance networks – is a three-year project which aims to provide European policymakers with an adequate assessment and policy development framework, knowledge base and expert support ecosystem to accelerate the transition from linear fossil-based systems to circular bio- based systems.



14:00 14:10

Welcome and introductions

(Anita Lombardo and Jean Benoit Bel, ACR+)

14:10 14:40

BIOTRANSFORM methodology to co-define and co-implement optimal transition pathways and resulting governance needs

(Johannes Kisser, alchemia-nova) 

+ feedback/ Q&A

14:40 15:10

 Environmental sustainability assessment for the transition pathway

(Gitanjali Thakur, LIST)


15:10 15:25

 Financing tools for bioeconomy  (ACR+)


15:25 – 15:30

Closing remarks and wrap up


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