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On 3 April 2017 ACR+ member Belfast City Council adopted new measures to reduce the amount of food waste put into residual waste bins.

To help inform residents of the changes, stickers saying ‘No Food Waste’ will be placed on black bins (for residual waste)as they are collected, and letters outlining the changes will be delivered to households across the city.

“In Belfast, despite a food waste collection service being available for every household, approximately 25 per cent of the waste in black bins is still food waste,” explained Councillor Matt Garrett, Chair of the Council’s People and Communities Committee.

At its meeting, the Council agreed to the adoption of operational guidelines for the scheme. This includes a six month transition period, which will allow households which may not have them to get the necessary caddies and bins. They also outline the process for introducing and enforcing the changes once they become fully operational later this year.

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