In spring 2017 ACR+ Member EMULSA will extend the selective collection of organic waste to the districts of Viesques, Nuevo Roces, Montevial and Nuevo. This comes after an experimentation carried out for 2 years in another district - Poligono de Pumarín. In 2016, 247,940 kg of organic waste was collected there.
A second phase of extension is planned after the summer. In this way, approximately 80,000 inhabitants are expected to be served before the end of 2017. It is expected that the selective collection of organic waste will be implemented everywhere within 3 years.

Part of the extension taking place in 2017 was originally planned in 2016, but some delay occurred linked to the acquisition of the containers for organic waste. All containers in Gijon will be changed for the third time since the implementationof this system thirty years ago. It will enable the homogenisation of the containers for each fraction, improving the service offered to citizens (in terms of accessibility for example) and facilitating the selective collection. There will be 5,520 new waste containers (1,735 for the residual fraction, 1,155 for organic waste, 830 for paper/cardboard, 830 for packaging, 830 for glass and 145 with special accessibility).
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